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        Currently, the world has fallen into a desperate situation due to the environmental pollution, future depletion of natural resources and food, and economic problems. To solve these problems and to reach to the next level of mankind, the "new innovation of technology” must be required. But this is not accomplished by the extension of existing science and technologies, and we must develop new technology and scientific theories completely different from the existing ones. For example, big countries around the world launch a rocket by themselves and plan to build a space station, and make a resource exploration of other planets, but the conventional technologies for space transportation and communication through the vast universe are at early stages and thus it is urgently required to develop a revolutionary new science and technology for transportation systems.
        Our non-profit organization hopes to assist the development for the future creation of new scientific theories and technologies including space propulsion systems, which are not on the extension of current science and technologies.

Our Mission

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  2. Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratories (PERLs)   


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